We are living through extraordinary times. The pandemic has seen global markets crash, only to soar to record highs just a few months later. Governments around the world have pumped in trillions of dollars of funds in the form of quantitative measures and now major economies are facing inflation. People are increasingly looking for ways to hedge their potentially vulnerable portfolios of conventional investments, and the answer may lie in new technologies, new asset classes and new synergies between them.

Core portfolio

The core portfolio will comprise the most liquid and well-known digital assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also less familiar assets such as Solana and Avalanche. Weightings will be broadly in line with market capitalisation subject to changes based on in-house research, with capital also allocated to alt coins and ecosystems in which the company has high conviction. 

Yield Generation

We use Trad-Fi and De-Fi methods of yield enhancement including staking assets on proof-of- stake protocols. 20% of the portfolio is allocated towards yield generation strategies.

Early-stage investments

We use our network of industry contacts and technological expertise to identify and partner with new or early-stage projects. Due to the inherent risk involved in early-stage investments, this will form 20% or less of the invested capital, but has the potential to provide significant alpha in the context of overall portfolio performance. This may also involve the staking of such assets in order to participate in liquidity mining, and yield farming